Why AirGO?

If you are here, you probably can’t stand anymore breathing car fumes. Moreover, anti pollution masks that already exist are uncomfortable to wear or (no offense) they make you look horrible. AirGO team was also tired, so we decided to design the first air pollution mask to become a piece of clothing, such an scarf or a balaclava!

AirGO is the lightest reusable respiratory mask covering mouth, nose and neck that you can buy online. It is perfectly adaptable to any kind of urban mobility situations and it is washable, so you can used it indefinitely!

GOFilter: first 100% flexible pollution filter

Every time we breath thousands of tiny pollutants and gases go deeply into our lungs. Thanks to GOFilter, you will soon be protected. Born as the first flexible particulate & gases filter, guarantees a full comfort to the user.

GOFilter includes a layer of active carbon, which filters dangerous gases and odours. If you move around any city, you unfortunately know what type of odours are we talking about…

GOFilter can fit into any AirGO’s model or size, since it has standard dimensions. When your GOFilter needs to be replaced you can easily do it with our 2 units pack.

Why a mask to protect against air pollution?

You ride your bike on your way to work dodging cars and buses on a traffic jam, you pick your kids up from school in a very crowded and noisy street or maybe you are in love with this planet and make an effort to move around by bike.

These are three situations were urban people get highly exposed to air pollution, but there are many more. Everyday we get unconsciously exposed to many pollutants, increasing our probability of suffering a wide range of air pollution health effects everytime we inhale.

If you live in urban environments or even, if you are planning a trip to China or India (for example), you should find a solution to the high air pollution levels they have and the easiest way to do it is wearing a face mask. Your health is at stake!

AirGO vs Traditional pollution masks

Even though all these products are made to protect yourself against air pollution, there are several advantages AirGO face masks have when comparing with traditionals:

  • Comfort: AirGO neck warmer is designed without any inflexible clamping mechanism such as velcro, zipper, elastic bands for ears…
  • Fashion: traditional masks usually draw the attention, meaning they generate a visual impact because it is not a common accessory to wear. In AirGO we deleted the visual impact, developing a fashion accessory that can be used as an air filter mask.
  • Wind & Cold protection: one of the other aims during the product development was to offer extra capabilities. In the shape of neck warmer we add extra protection against cold and wind. You can refer back to our products to see the different materials adaptable to any weather or means of transport.
  • Adaptable to all kind of helmets: pollution masks are mainly used when moving around the city by bike, motorbike, walking… Therefore, it is common to wear it with helmets and pollution masks are hard to fit with them. Being a piece of clothing makes AirGO face masks adaptable to all kind of helmets, even full face helmets.

For these main reasons, AirGO is considered one of the best pollution masks in 2019. What are you waiting for? Check out our online store and products on sale!

Filter against particles, gases and odours

Filtering efficiency is an important feature, specially for those who can suffer from breathing difficulties, such as having particle or chemical sensitive respiratory systems.  

Our pollution filter, named GOFilter, can stop any kind of solid airborne particles, including diesel particulates, dust, pollen, mite, dirt, soot and smoke. No matter what the particles are, it can retain 100% of the PM10 and 99% of the PM2.5 (20 times smaller the thickness of a human hair), which makes AirGO better than any N95 mask.

On the other hand, GOFilter includes an active carbon layer, which retains all the gases except the ones that we should naturally breath, like nitrogen and oxygen. The active carbon layer has a second function, which is eliminating disgusting odours, usually noticed due to the inhalation of air pollution gases.

Based on the usual human breathing rate (30 litres of air per minute), GOFilter is estimated to have a 60 hours lifespan. However it depends on how polluted is the environment: the higher pollution levels there are in your city, more particles the filter will have to retain.

For example, you can use the AirGO mask one hour a day (half hour to go to work and another half to come back home) for 2-3 months. Little by little you will notice the white face of GOFilter is turning grey, and that is the indicator on when you should replace it.

Some face masks include valves in order to make breathing resistance lower and solve the vaho issues. AirGO didn’t need to focus on these usability problems because we use textiles on the mask structure, so we can maintain our vision of comfortability and fashion.

Since AirGO is a piece of clothing, air can go through the filter fabrics easily what makes the user breathe freely without creating either a pressure drop or back pressure. Without high air flow resistance, AirGO has no need to add valves in the design.

GOFilter retains all kind of pollutants

Any element apart from Nitrogen (78%), Oxygen (21%) and Argon (0.9%) is considered a pollutant, even if they consist of gaseous, liquid or solid substances.

There are several types of particles and gases commonly found in city’s air which are considered pollutants, both indoors and outdoors, so let’s find out the principal ones which GOFilter has been tested for:

  • Particles:
    • Building Dust
    • Pollen Dust
    • Plant Spores
    • Mites
    • Clay Dust
    • Grain Dust
    • Particles from fumes
    • Diesel Particulate
  • Gases:
    • Carbon Monoxide
    • Sulfur dioxide
    • Nitrogen dioxide
    • Volatile Organic Compounds

Airborne particles start little by little splitting into smaller particles. Its size is measured in micrometres (10 micrometres = PM10). Therefore, you can breathe PM10, PM2.5 or PM0.3 of the same materials, as they will be on different stages in the disintegration process.

To protect against all kind of airborne particles, even if they are PM0.3, use our AirGO pollution masks, made for high efficiency in urban environments.

Who should wear a pollution mask?

Full protection as a motorcycle face mask

AirGO is the first face mask for bikers to have a three way protection: wind, cold (you will appreciate it during winter) and air pollution. Forget about having to avoid buses or vans fumes anymore, and just enjoy the ride!

Bike mask for a new urban mobility!

The earth thanks you your efforts of moving around without polluting. The next step is to protect yourself and with AirGO’s cycling mask you can do it and still look trendy! You will feel more fit after each pedal stroke and healthier after every breathe.

Healthy urban sport!

If your body is a temple and you are used to work out outdoors, you are breathing more pollutants than the others. GOFilter has low resistance to respiration so your performance is not affected, and we have textiles to become a perfect humidity absorber. Change your current running neck gaiter for our sports model, perfectly adaptable to dynamic situations such as running or cycling.

Allergy Mask: for dust, pollen and others

Dear allergy sufferers, we have good news for you! As you already know GOFilter retains allergens, so this is why AirGO can be your perfect ally during spring. If you are allergic to pollen, dust, mites, pets’ dandruff, pathogens, viruses, bacterias or any other kind of particle, AirGO is made for you. Any of our models can be used as a pollen or dust mask, so it’s your choice to stop sneezing and coughing and start breathing!

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