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  • 2 GOFilter units pack as replacements for your AirGO.
  • Five layers of nonwovens specially made for pollution filtering (toxic gases and diesel particles, pollen, dust, mites, etc.). 100% flexible, like a textile, which assures maximum comfort to the user.
  • Effectiveness: PM0.3 – P3 – N99.
  • This product is not washable but it is waterproof, which means that the user will not get wet in case of rain.
  • GOFilter is very easy to place in the AirGO pocket. Thanks to its standard size, it is compatible with any AirGO model and/or size.
  • Durability: used 1 hour a day during weekdays it is estimated to have 3 months lifespan. However, it depends on the pollution levels the user is exposed to. As a reference point count around 60 hours of use. 
  • End of usage signs: gray colour and increase in the airflow resistance.

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GOFilter is a nonwoven particulate filter which can retain particles smaller than 0.3 µm. Its effectiveness is 100% for PM10 and 99,9% for PM2.5. It is also made of an activated carbon layer designed to avoid the inhalation of toxic gases and only allowing the penetration of oxygen and nitrogen. 

Moreover, GOFilter is compatible with any AirGO model and/or size, thanks to its standard size.

The particles GOFilter can stop are any kind of solid airborne particle, including pollen, dust, carbon, fumes, diesel particulates… Therefore, it is a great product for those who want to protect against air pollution and also for people who have allergy issues.

This product includes two units of GOFilter, and each of these is estimated to have a durability of 60 hours of use. However, it depends on the pollution levels you are usually exposed to.

At the end of the usage, breathing through GOFilter should be harder and the piece should have changed to a grey colour.

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LEGAL WARNING: Although materials are manufactured to meet FFP3 quality masks, this product is not for use to meet standards EN149:2001 + A1:2009 and standard EN143. It should not be used for industrial applications where a device in accordance with European Directive 89/686 or 89/656 is required. It should be used to reduce discomfort caused by exposure to non-toxic particles where concentrations do not exceed the limit value of national exposure.

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