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Order and Delivery


Once your checkout is done, you will receive a mail with a tracking number that will allow you to monitor its transportation until you get it.

Delivery time and expenses:

  • Spain & Portugal:
    • Delivery time: less than 72 hours.
    • Free delivery
  •  Europe:
    • Delivery time: less than 10 days.
    • Shipping costs: 16,55 € (free delivery on orders over +70 €)
  • Anywhere else:
    • Delivery time: less than 15 days.
    • Shipping costs: 24,85 € (free delivery on orders over +70 €)
Size Chart

In order to know your size, you should measure your head outline from your nose to the back part of your neck. You can use a piece of cotton or string, and a ruler to determine the length.

According to this measurement, you are able to determine your suitable size:

  • S = less than 47 cm
  • M = between 47 and 53 cm
  • L = more than 53 cm

Unfortunately, AirGO has not children size yet, therefore those measurements are only an orientation for adults. We hope to do it soon!

Remind these measurements are illustrative. If you have any question regarding our returns and exchanges policies take a look at FAQs.

Preparation and Washing Instructions

Undo the buttons and introduce the GOFilter inside the pocket, ensuring that the layer with the logo is facing the exterior (1). To introduce it easily, the rear part of the GOFilter must be placed in the face palm and introduced gently into the pocket (2). Special care should be taken with the rear part previously mentioned, as it is more delicate. Do the previously undone buttons (3). Check the correct position of the GOFilter ensuring that any of the corners are folded.

When putting on the AirGO, check that the pocket is in the correct position (4). Remember to carefully extract the GOFilter before putting the AirGO in the washing machine (5). In case of rain, leave the AirGO hung until it dries up (6). Once dried, the GOFilter will be manipulated with less difficulty.    

GOFilter is made of nonwoven, a strong fabric that can be bended and deformed. However, it is advisable to mantain the filter always flat, without creases.

GOFilter preserves its optimum filtration capacity for 2 months of continued use. From that moment on, the filter must be replaced for a new one. It must be taken into account that if it is not used every day, it can be replaced after 60 hours of use, aproximately.

GOFilter has a unique size. This means that any filter can be introduced in any AirGO. In case of trouble with the installation of the GOFilter, send us a mail to contact@airgo2.com and we will help you.

Product Certifications

The filtering technology and the textile of the GOFilter is prepared to reach the FFP3 standard. However, by now, we have not tested the whole product to ensure the European standard certification EN149:2001+A1:2009 and EN143.

For this reason, it should not be used in industrial applications where a personal protection equipment with European guidelines 89/686 or 89/656 are required. It should only be used to reduce the discomfort caused by exposure to non-toxic particles where concentrations do not exceed the limit value of national exposure.

According to the tests performed in our laboratories, it can be claimed that GOFilter catches 99,99% of the airborne particles with a penetration of only 0,004% in the NaCl test.

Product’s Proper Use

AirGO must be placed as described in the following images to perform well:

The black pocket must be in the upper front part of the AirGO and it must be placed centered, covering the mouth and nose of the user.

In case of using the AirGO with a full-face helmet, it is convenient to place the AirGO in a upper position than normal as the helmet will make it slide downwards.

Exchanges and Refunds Policy

The exchange policy only applies to products purchased through our official website (individuals) or the internal sales and distribution system of AirGO. AirGO also reserves the right to refuse exchanges communicated or sent after the deadline and products that are not in the same conditions in which they were received.

Defective product:

In case of getting a defective product, the customer must contact AirGO by sending an email to contact@airgo2.com within 14 calendar days after receiving the product. Please send an image where the damage is clearly visible, and AirGO will try to verify that the product is actually defective. Manufacturing defects include seams, elastic rubber inside, buttons and brand label, as well as possible problems with GOFilter.

AirGO will be responsible for the shipping costs if the customer has to send the product back to the offices. As soon as it is verified that the product is defective, we will proceed to the refund or exchange to the affected user.

Wrong order:

If the customer receives the order incorrectly or does not correspond to what he purchased, within a maximum period of 14 calendar days, he must send an image to contact@airgo2.com where everything he received is visible; with their respective references in the box and the payment and shipping vouchers. Once the content is verified, AirGO will find the most optimal solution in a maximum period of 10 working days.

AirGO will be responsible for the shipping costs in case the individual has to send the product back to the offices. As soon as it is verified that the product is defective, we will proceed to the refund or exchange to the affected user.

The product must not have been used and must be in its original box with the cover and any label that will accompany it.

Order return:

The option to return the order is only available for individuals who wish to change their size and/or model.

To make changes or returns, you must send the product back to the offices of AirGO: C/ Dos de Maig 266, P1 p1 – 08025 Barcelona (Spain). The product must not have been used and must be in its original box with the cover and any label that will accompany it. Once the correct condition of the product has been verified, AirGO will proceed to modify and send the order.

The customer will bear the costs associated to all transport costs between AirGO and the individual. Moreover, any price difference between both orders must be settled before the final shipment.

In addition, you must fill out and send to contact@airgo2.com the following withdrawal form to rescind the purchase contract, returning all or part of the purchased merchandise:

Terms for reimbursement reception:

Once the package has been returned to the offices of AirGO, it is processed before proceeding to the approval itself. The product must be sent to the offices within 14 days after receiving the order, it must not have been used and it must be in its original box with the cover and any label that will accompany it.

If the return is approved, a full refund of the price of the merchandise will be issued within 30 calendar days and the customer will be notified about the transaction by mail. Once the refund has been issued, you can wait for it to be effective in a maximum period of 10 working days.

Product’s guarantee: Quality

AirGO guarantees that the products sold on its WEB SITE comply with the quality and safety requirements established in current regulations.

AirGO & You

Where can I buy my AirGO physically?

To locate the nearest store you can search it in the section: Locate your store.

I want to be an official distributor:

If you are interested in becoming an AirGO’s authorized dealer, please write us to sales@airgo2.com.

AirGO as a Sponsor:

AirGO is always looking for athletes and influencers. If you think you match with our vision, we would love to receive your proposal to contact@airgo2.com.

Work with us:

If you want to work with us feel free to mail your CV and a cover letter to contact@airgo2.com and we will consider you for a future vacancy.

Drafts and Promotions:

The draws and prizes given in our social networks lack of commercial value; if you detect any imperfection please tell us to contact@airgo2.com. Exchanges and refunds are not accepted.

Any doubt?

You can use Contact in the footer or mail us directly to contact@airgo2.com. We will answer your query as soon as possible.