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The mountain, a place to feel free

Let’s meet Juan Carlos

Juan Carlos, a great sports and mountain lover, changed his job as a masseur to a sports products salesman for different dealers. He began to share his experiences on his Instagram @juancarloscrazysport, social network where he currently accounts has than 20 thousand followers, since he saw that his lifestyle and passion for sports could transmit something of value to the many people who watch the mobile daily.

Some brands did not take long to contact him to promote their products, and it turned out that he was not bad at all. Juan Carlos knew that if instead of doing it through a screen he could do it face to face he would achieve even greater success, so he decided to engage himself completely to the sale of those products he was using. This has allowed him to be able to perfectly combine the two pillars of his life after the family, which are sports and work.

After many kilometers traveled and huge peaks crowned, he can be considered a great expert in the sector, which allows him to personally test and evaluate the products he sells and gives guarantees of its good quality.

The mountain and him

Used to sleep an average of 4 hours, often begins his first workout of the day at 5 or 6 in the morning. Many people may think that’s a strong willpower, but he does not see it that way, since he does not have trouble doing it, but to be in the mountain as long as possible. “In the mountains I feel free, since I put my foot on it and do whatever I do, whether it’s climbing, running, walking …” comments Juan Carlos.

Although he practiced many years triathlon and athletics, his life has ended completely connected with nature since he considers much more rewarding to look at the landscape than to look at the chrono.

Still, we can not forget the challenges that sometimes the mountain can put on your way, some quite dangerous, but in the end make you live experiences like the following.

The Aneto’s summit and a storm

Together with a friend they managed to crown the Aneto without much trouble, but as soon as they reached the top a great storm suddenly appeared. Both were forced to take shelter as they could and ended up holding each other to avoid dying of hypothermia. When the storm loosened a bit they could go down as quickly as possible and leave it behind, leaving this great memory and example of companionship.

The Ultra Trail Aneto

Juan Carlos decided to participate in the Ultra Trail Aneto despite having its knee injured. Passing through the Collado Salenques (at 2,900 meters) he suffered hypothermia at twelve-thirty at night and as he continued to move as he could, even thinking: “What am I doing here?”

Despite the difficulties he managed to reach a checkpoint, where despite being vegan he ended up drinking a hot chicken broth that the organization offered him to be able to warm up.

Unfortunately he could not finish the race because the injury ended up coming to light and with a tendinitis in the kneecap he was forced to leave at kilometer 50. Experiences like this make you not forget the dangers that there are in the mountain, although these are part of its charm too.

What is his experience with AirGO?

One of these brands which it collaborates with is AirGO, since Juan Carlos, being accustomed to the pure air he breathes in nature, he notices the change a lot when travelling around cities on a motorcycle or walking. In this way he uses different models according to whether he prefers to take shelter in the mountains or if he wants to protect himself from pollution in urban environments.

What most attracts the attention of the product is the filter and how fine it is, thus guaranteeing a great comfort, especially with the full face helmet. In addition, he noted that thanks to the filter the tubular takes much longer to get wet due to the contact of the mouth with the fabric. This prevents your lips from freezing as it usually does when this happens.

Finally, one of the advantages offered by AirGO in terms of comfort are the different sizes of each model. Being able to choose a size that adapts perfectly to the dimensions of your head allows you to put it in an optimal position and that you do not have to raise it much in the back to keep it where you want.

For us, experiences and opinions like those of Juan Carlos motivate us to continue creating and improving products so that everyone can enjoy an air as pure as you can breathe in the mountains, or elsewhere.

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