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Travelling around Bolivia with Marc

¿Who is Marc?

Marc is a lawyer from Tarragona and a loyal AirGO user thanks to his own experiences with the product.

Taking into account the petrochemical complex in the area It is surprising that this kind of products weren’t available around the area until AirGO was founded. Although Marc didn’t just use his AirGO Frío Polar during his rides to work, he brought it to a trip to test its performance in extremely low temperatures.

People imagine their ideal holidays as opportunities to disconnect from their own world in a paradisiacal beach doing absolutely nothing. The farther from home, the better. However, Marc isn’t this kind of person, during his vacations he enjoys having survival challenges while discovering and walking up some of the most virgin places on our planet.

His last Trip

The journey began in Uyuni (Bolivia), a city of 20,000 inhabitants and an average altitude of 3,660 meters. Once He had all He needed, a long way of 380 kilometers riding a bicycle to Laguna Verde (Bolivia, near the borders with Chile and Argentina) was waiting for him.

During this first 10 days of trip, He was pedaling at highs between 3.500 and 4.500 metres and extreme temperatures that reached -20,0ºC. The reward? He passed through some of the more unique landscapes of our planet: Salar de Uyuni, Laguna Colorada, Laguna Hedionda and the already mentioned Laguna Verde. Just look at the images he sent us.

During our conversation with Marc we discovered that if you have the physical preparation to handle a challenge like this, taking the chance with the aim to disconnect is totally worth it. “Once you are there you only think about your basic needs: eat, find a warm place to sleep and try not to get injured or sick”. All his modern society problems disappear immediately. You realize that wanting the new Iphone, eat sushi or post the best photo for Instagram are not real problems and will get just get you short term happiness.

After cycling 380 kilometres in 10 days, Marc still had 12 days of holidays, so he decided to climb not one, not two, but three mountains. The Pequeño Alpamayo (small as 5.700 metres high), the Huayna Potosí (6.080 metres) and the Nevado Panicota (6.300 metres).

His experience with AirGO

In this kind of trips he must bring several changes of outerwear, such as several gloves and neck warmers. Marc pointed out the performance of AirGO Frío Polar as one of the best neck warmers he has ever had, fully protecting him from cold and wind and creating a microclimate in his neck with his own breath, which is key in this kind of situations.

Moreover, wearing a pollution filter not just prevented him from inhaling bad air in cities, but inhaling dust from the mountain environment. “AirGO is not only ideal for urban mobility with motorbikes and bicycles. During the holidays I discovered that it is also an ideal neck warmer for mountaineers, athletes and runners”.

Marc’s experience is great learning for the AirGO team as manufacturers, but also to know new realities where our users might need protection. It is a great honor to meet and see pictures of users like Marc, and we will keep pursuing our dreams: protect the world’s populations from bad air in comfortable and stylish way.

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