Protect yourself in urban environments

Why Brisa is better than your pollution mask?

How many times will you have come home wishing to take off that awkward black neoprene mask?

If your are someone who cares about the air you breathe, find out why you should protect yourself with AirGO Brisa

  • The first pollution mask made entirely of fabric, which makes it better suited to the face, is more comfortable and can be worn with an integral helmet on the motorcycle. 
  • Eliminates the bad visual effect that is generated when wearing a mask. You will no longer have to endure those uncomfortable looks of: “What is he/she wearing?”, “Will he/she be sick?”, etc. 

Our improved essence!

Fabric made from recycled seabed plastic.

It incorporates a nasal piece to ensure sealing and protection.

With just one GOFilter you will have enough until the end of the summer.

No buttons for an easier handling of GOFilter.

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