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Anthropogenic causes of air pollution: Factories and Industries Exhaust

In the world there are thousands of factories freely creating a negative environmental impact. Foundries, metal smelters, food processors and clothing manufacturers are just some examples for you to think how huge is the industrial infrastructure worldwide.

Refineries, which emit several pollutants into the air, also make a huge impact on the land. There are cities like Tarragona (north Spain) where Repsol occupies more than 500 hectares, which is a surface equivalent to the urban area.

The point is you can find factories and industries everywhere, and these deteriorating the quality of the air people breath. You can find them throw these long chimneys erected high into the air, with non-stop smokes and fumes coming out of them. This is why factories and industries are considered main sources of air pollution.

Related phenomena

On air quality regulations, factories have huge advantage because, as the effects of air pollution are often widespread, it is difficult to calculate the number of emissions. Moreover, exhaust gases can drift great distances and cause dangerous phenomena like acid rain in populations far away from the origin of the problem.

Another situation where you can find yourself in a very polluted environment in the petrochemical smog. Factory processes include a wide range of activities like cleaning, panting or others. Chemicals used in these processes evaporate, but they can react with sunlight and other pollutants, creating the peroxyacetyl nitrates, or commonly known as petrochemical smog. This toxic fog is very dangerous because it can last days or even weeks.

Air pollution from factories and industries

Industrial pollution is one of the primary sources of environmental contamination. This human-made source have profound effects on the health of living organisms and the entire planet.

A wide range of pollutants are emitted by the human activity on factories and industries, like carbon monoxide, nitrogen oxides, ammonia, particulate matter, lead, hydrocarbons, organic compounds and other chemicals.

Inhaling factories and industries fumes is very dangerous for humans health, increasing the probability of several diseases like asthma or bronchitis. However, the world is in permanent disease due to this issue, and climate change is not going to stop if manufacturing industries aren’t regulated.

Regulations to air pollution

Emissions from factory processes globally are increasing year by year, and although it has become a public health issue, countries resist to regulate these tremendous industries. Lack of control policies, usage of old technologies and inefficient waste disposal drive this process of massive pollution.

An exemplary government on this issue is the Danish government, as danish companies are obliged to use the best available technology (BAT). BAT means that overall pollution is minimized, but not eradicated, reducing the possible impacts of air pollution.

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